Today i am doing a video on my hair. This hair is from your Tinashe Hair, we’ve a free part lace closure from the company, i have it sectioned off becaused i will execute a bun with that one. Then they send out me 4 bundles and this may be the Brazilian body wave Virgin Human Hair Weave, i actually really love this locks a lot, there is literally no losing when i opened up, i got a totall of 4 so i’m gonna be using that one on my head. And that means you gonna need hair weave, however i find the Brazilian body wave, because i simply wanted a body wave look in my own ponytail.

So the items i’m gonna be using in this video is Eco style gel, brush, edge brush and among the parting combs because occasionally i like to use the end from the parting comb to part the hair in the way i want to, that helps me do like zig zags, all types of different sort of lines and styff.

If you have any type of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can utilize FieryHair, you can contact us at the web-site. 1、I had already done this hairstyle, so my locks has already been gelled down and even down and also a little wet, that’s why it looks so straight, i also had this products that i used, it’s from dark and lovely,so i component my hair in the manner i needed, then i’m gonna take my jail and put this over my locks, i’m cleaning my locks within a ponytail, my locks is super thick so it tooks me forever to obtain it combed out that way i could laying it done. Therefore i get it in a ponytail, i’m likely to make sure i put my hair in a bun, and i’m gonna become using these rubber bands to hold my bun.

2、Then the next thing is to pick one of my bundles from the 4. i’ve 20, 22, and two 24 in ., i’m gonna go ahead and use the 24 ins, because this is the longgest one and i want a really very long ponytail, take the hair out and then this is the hair long and pretty. You could straight it if you want it to become longer, but this is body influx therefore i’m gonna leave it. I think the body influx is sweet and it’s pretty. I don’t want to buy to be solid and so i’m just made a decision to do separate and just perform one.

3、Today i’m heading todo my edges, so this is a new method of my edges, i really do all types of edges therefore i just feel just like to get this done tight today. And it got me one minute, since it was kind of hard to look in the mirror and hold like it was just so hard.

4、Right now i’m gonna choose the other side. I love to place edges on the little swoop component tonot just the other part. I think it’s cute when i have like a couple of edges the following. This is what i like to do when it comes to this hairstyle. You are able to do all sorts of things, sometimes i love to have curls hanging in the sides, however now i’m just going to be slaying these baby hairs.

5、 It’s period for me to put up my scarf and i’m likely to lay down my hair down, this is how you decide to do it, only tie
It around. Then i just keep it on for 20 a few minutes, depending on my period, you can leave it for 10 but just get it to dry up a bit, therefore don’t mess that neck, so once i’m performed, i allow it dry for at 15 mins, i quickly take it off.

6、So i’m likely to take my own body influx hair, you can see how pretty it really is, and it had been not shedding. I like this Virgin Human Hair Weave, you can get one pack, but 2 bundles would make a really full ponytail. So next i’m just unraveling my pack, the hair is really thick too. That’s what i like and that’s the reason why i why i can use one package because it’s really thick hair, that’s what i really like. I’m gonna start off with this piece, and i’m gonna wrap that around my bun, and consider the other side and just cover around the complete bundle once again. Until you have completely gone completely around.

So right now once you get to the end you are gonna take one little bit of the locks, and that’s all of your hair that you want and you’re going to wrap this around that method, you could simply seeing the hair wraps around rather than seeing any tracks and it just make them looks more sweet and natural. You wrap it around and consider elastic bands around your ponytail, then maybe it’s stay still.

This is the finished appear, and it arrived cute, i’m going to put on my scarfand let that scarf sit at leave 10 minutes, in that way the jail that i simply placed on the top could dry and ponytail can stay static in place.i hope you guys’ enhoy this tutorial!


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