One Leading Locks Extension Suppliers Provide Their Tips On Buying Hair Extensions- Choosing A Structure. There are various hair texturewhich can be matched up with a perfect texture of locks extensions.

1. If you have any inquiries pertaining to exactly where and how to use Full Lace Human Hair Wigs, you can make contact with us at our web site. NaturalStraight- this texture suits locks types which can be straight in structure. When damp this hair can take a natural wave however is quite easily blow dried or straightened using a silky/glossy finish.

2. Body Wave- this is actually the loosest of waves available in both hair extensions and Virgin Human Hair Weave parts - upon washing it reverts back again to a lovely loose wave which can be scrunch dried out utilizing a diffuser or can be re-curled using high temperature.

3. DeepWave- this wave is a little tighter than the body wave and is ideal for people with normally wavy hair.

4. KinkyCurly-this wave is comparable to a spiral curl and is ideal for naturally very curly Virgin Human Hair Weave.

5. Kinky Right- this is the tightest of curls and is very similar to a permed locks or normally curly afro hair.

6. Loose Wave- this wave is a huge spiral and is very similar to organic wave. Look like very natural.


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